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It's a jungle in here!

Safari Nursery

By Cassie Adams

Nursery themes vary far and wide, but safari décor endures as a baby room favorite. 


It’s easy to see why.  From snuggly elephants to spunky tigers, an animal theme makes for a darling nursery with a dash of adventure.


We teamed up with Virginia-based interior designer Cassie Adams to help you put together a truly special safari nursery.  Drawing on her 12+ years of design experience, Cassie cultivated a list of unique, whimsical products, ranging from a vibrant wooden tiger clock to a subtle elephant laundry hamper.


Check out her irresistible picks.

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Product Options

Fiona Walker Ostrich Head.jpeg

Felt Animal Heads

Fiona Walker

MSRP: Typical retail $165.00

"It's a quirky thing," Cassie said of these hand-stitched animal heads. "They're safe. They're a pop of color. And the animals aren't too stylized." Check out the giraffe, zebra, and fox for more cute options to hang on a nursery wall.

Buying options:

Pendulum Wall Clock

Modern Moose

MSRP: $48.99

"These are super unique," Cassie said. "They have a more subdued palette so while colorful, they're not in your face. And since they don't have any lights on them, they're not bothering anyone in the room." Plus we love how the tail swings!

Buying options:

Woven Giraffe Storage

Pottery Barn Kids

MSRP: $119.00

"You get the fun of one of those really large stuffed animals, but it actually does something," Cassie said of this adorable wicker storage option. "You can actually put things in it."

Buying options:​​

Jonathan Adler Giraffe Sconce Compressed

Giraffe Sconce

Jonathan Adler

MSRP: $225.00

"This is a functional, beautiful sconce that is definitely for a kids room but looks like an art piece," Cassie said of this designer ceramic piece. A great finishing touch for clean, classy nursery decor.  

Buying options:

Cass Loh Baby Animal Tiger Print Minted

Baby Tiger Art Print

Cass Loh

MSRP: $31 (unframed)

"These animals are just so sweet," Cassie said of this baby tiger print. "They're a way to have an animal theme but still have a really calm feeling in the room." Comes in orange and a variety of sizes. A variety of other animal prints also available.


Buying options:

Animal Toy Storage

3 Sprouts

MSRP: $19.99

"These are actually big enough to put stuff in," Cassie said of these cotton canvas storage items. "While they're not structured, they don't just flop over when empty."

Buying options:

Elephant Laundry Hamper

Home Decorators Collection


MSRP: $68.97

"It's simple and cute and looks like a pretty woven hamper and then you realize that it's an elephant," Cassie said. "It matches anything, it goes with any room." Use it for laundry or toy storage! 

Buying options:

Foam Animal Floor Mats



MSRP: $120.00

"These are designer-looking floor mats," Cassie said. "It has all the function of a primary color play mat but with a prettier palette." Mats come in a variety of color schemes and can be customized.

Buying options:

Animal Coin Banks

Alex Marshall Studios


MSRP: $75.00

"A coin bank is such a fun gift to get or give for a nursery or kid's room," Cassie said of these hand-painted, ceramic picks. "And while a lot of piggy banks are too large to sit on a bookshelf, these fit well." Bunny and elephant banks also available.

Buying options:

Banquet Print Blue Sea Animals Compresse

Animals of the Sea Poster

Banquet Workshop

MSRP: $65.00

"These are realistic but they still look playful and like they are for kids," Cassie said of the sea animals on this poster. "Underneath they have the numbers that correspond to the names so as a parent you actually know what you're looking at." Custom framing option available. 

Buying options:

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