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Updated: Jun 24, 2019


by Kimberly Stephens

Go Go Gelato! Board game Blue Orange Games review toy

This cooperative detective game is a crowd pleaser. An all-time favorite.

MSRP: $17.99

Mfr. Recommended Age: 3 Years+

Number of Players: 2 - 4 Players

Rating: 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈






  • Great premise

  • Cool clue decoder

  • Deductive reasoning

  • Cooperative play


  • Occasional clue decoder confusion



A sneaky fox has stolen a potpie. Players must work together to collect clues and eliminate suspects before the guilty fox escapes through the foxhole.


This is one of our all time faves. To start with, it’s got a great premise. Kids love to play sleuth and try to crack the great potpie caper. A bit like Clue for the preschool set (minus the murder!).

Nearly every turn the players need to use deductive reasoning to consider whether or not the clues they’ve discovered rule out the possible suspects. It’s a fun exercise that doesn’t feel tedious.

The clue decoder itself is super cool. A true case of sneaky learning hidden inside game play.

Plus, we’ll admit it, we’re suckers for a good cooperative game. We believe in teaching kids to be good winners and good losers and blah, blah, blah, but sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the drama of it all (we’re looking at you, Trouble). In Outfoxed, the players are all in the same unsecured henhouse—you’ve got to work together to identify the guilty fox. Here’s to teamwork!


Not a lot to complain about here. But, if we’re going to nitpick…

Sometimes the youngest players couldn’t remember whether a red dot in the clue decoder meant the thief had or lacked a particular feature (like a pearl necklace or a monocle). Might’ve made more sense to use more obvious symbols.

If you don’t get the clue piece lined up properly in the clue detector, you might not read the results correctly (i.e., it can look like the decoder is telling you the thief has a particular item when the thief actually does not). But this isn’t really much of an issue for players five years old and above.

Again, just nits. This one is a winner.






A Cooperative Whodunit Game

Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing and it’s now a chicken chase to crack the case! Move around the board to gather clues and then use the special evidence scanner to rule out suspects. You’ll have to work together quickly because the guilty fox is high-tailing it towards the exit! Will you halt the hungry hooligan before it flies the coop… or will you be Outfoxed?



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