Red Jellies Request

Birthday gift for a 4-year-old. Would like to include options from Melissa & Doug.

  • Start with the child's faves, like the Stargazer Lottie (makeup free!) doll 


  • Day at the Beach magnetic set includes dolls to spark child's interest in building


  • Three Little Piggies draws on child's love of stories for a great first game

Let's Make Magic

24 Jumbo Cardboard Blocks


Why We Love It

The large scale of these bright, durable blocks engages the imagination. With three sizes, little ones can build, match, and sort while developing gross motor skills.

Busytown Eye Found It!


Why We Love It

Builds on the classic Richard Scarry characters. Boosts teamwork and attention to detail as players search for hidden objects and race to Picnic Island.

Chef Costume


Why We Love It 

Cute costume inspires independent and cooperative pretend play. Well-made, durable, and machine washable.

Castle Logix


Why We Love It

A beautiful 3D wooden puzzle that promotes problem solving and spatial reasoning. With 48 challenges of varying difficulty, it continues to engage kids as they grow.

Fairy Color Cape


Why We Love It

A great art project that leads to dramatic play. Plus it's washable, so kids can color it again and again!

Which did she choose?


Let's get cooking!

Let's wrap this up (beautifully).

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