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MSRP: $19.99

Top  Pick

Sum Swamp

Learning Resources

The bottom line:  Consistent math practice, quality components, satisfying game play.

MSRP:  $19.99​ (typical retail $15)

Mfr. Recommended Age:  5 Years+​

Total score:  81 points

Fun quotient:  Excellent (82 points)

Math factor:  Excellent (80 points)

Types of math:

  • Add single-digit #s

  • Subtract single-digit #s

  • Identify relative # size

  • Odd vs. even

  • Plus vs. minus

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The Fun​

  • Simple game play

  • Quality pieces

  • Math every turn

The Frustration

  • No strategy involved

  • Getting stuck in Endless Loop





Be the first to make it across the swamp to the finish. 


The Quick & Dirty on Game Play


Roll the dice, place the larger number first, followed by the operation sign and then the small number. Solve the equation and move forward that number of spaces. If you land on an even or odd space or a number space, you may have to move forward (or back) additional spaces.


Enjoyment Quotient


Score: Excellent


The Fun

Sum Swamp is straightforward, but the board has enough special spaces (short cuts; odds / evens; add or subtract a few spaces) to keep game play interesting.


The artwork is lovely, the game arrived intact, and the pieces have a nice feel to them.

The Frustration

Sum Swamp is a game of luck. Littles can practice basic math skills (and Sum Swamp is aces on that front), but there's no strategy involved. 


The Endless Loop is aptly named. It's easy to get stuck going round again and again, which can get tedious.


The Math Factor


Score: Excellent




Sum Swamp requires players to:

  • Add single-digit numbers (totaling up to 12)

  • Subtract single-digit numbers

  • Identify relative number size

  • Distinguish odd and even numbers

  • Understand the function of the plus and minus signs




Sum Swamp is a knockout for math practice. Every turn, players practice identifying the larger versus the smaller number, distinguishing the plus sign from the minus sign, and doing at least one single-digit addition or subtraction problem. There's also a few spaces that prompt the players to distinguish odd versus even numbers.  




Sum Swamp is a great math game and our top pick for those working on single-digit addition and subtraction. Players practice addition and / or subtraction every turn and, while Sum Swamp is ultimately a game of luck, the math practice, engaging artwork, and special spaces scattered across the board keep game play interesting.  


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