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I Sea 10!

Learning Resources

Excellent quality, great addition practice, best played by parent and child.  

MSRP:  $9.99​ (typical retail $10)

Mfr. Recommended Age:  6 Years+​ 

Total score:  73 points

Fun quotient:  Good (66 points)

Math factor:  Excellent (80 points)

Types of math:

  • Add single-digit #s

  • Spot # groups that add to 10

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The Fun​

  • Quick play

  • Suspense

  • Quality components

The Frustration

  • Speed element can be controversial





Collect the most stacks of cards before the end of the game.


The Quick & Dirty on Game Play


Place all the cards on a table with the number-sides face down. Players take turns flipping over a card. Any player who sees a combination of cards that adds up to 10 calls out "I Sea 10!" and keeps those cards. If a player flips a shark card, that player must put the shark card and all of the chips they have collected back into the box. Continue play until no more sets of 10 can be made.



Enjoyment Quotient


Score: Good


The Fun


I Sea 10! is an edge-of-your-seat type of game where players must be vigilant to be the first to spot combinations that add up to 10. There's also a bit of creativity involved in creating your own equations. The artwork is cute, game play is quick, and the threat of flipping over a shark adds a bit of additional drama.


The Frustration


Losing all your cards each time you flip over a shark may be a bit of overkill (at least for the littlest players). It's also tempting for little testers to call out "I Sea 10!" every time a card is flipped (and, as with any speed-based game, figuring out who called "I Sea 10!" first can be controversial). While play works fine between an adult and child, it's tough to keep game play fun if there's any variation in ability between kid players; it's too easy for higher ability / older kid to capture every stack of cards. 


The Math Factor


Score: Excellent





I Sea 10! requires players to:

  • Add single-digit numbers

  • Recognize combinations of numbers that add up to 10



The math is constant in I Sea 10! Each time any player flips a card, every players must be on the lookout for combinations of numbers that add up to 10.





I Sea 10! is a suspenseful game that is excellent for undercover drilling of number combinations that add up to 10. While play worked well between an adult and child, the game can be a bit controversial when there's more than one kid involved. 

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