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Crazy Happy Ball Marble Run


A sturdy, easy-to-build marble run that promotes free design.  

MSRP:  $40

Mfr. Recommended Age:  3 Years+

Total score: 77 points

Components:  Good (77 points)

Ease of build:  Excellent (86 points)

Engagement:  Good (63 points)

Repeat Play Value:  Excellent (92 points)

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**Problem with this link? Since we tested the Crazy Happy Ball, the product has gone in and out of stock. If this seems like the right run for you, check out the Hubelino Marble Run. While we haven't put this set through full Red Jellies testing, we did check it out at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association convention in Philadelphia in June of 2017, and it seemed promising.


The Fun​

  • Sturdy

  • Promotes free design

The Frustration

  • Marbles sometimes lose momentum

  • Directions can be unclear

  • Few bells and whistles

The Build


Components: Good


68 Pieces + 4 Marbles

The Crazy Happy Ball has sturdy, Lego Duplo-compatible pieces. The set includes a useful base, and the pieces have some variety to them. The set includes a functional catcher. It also comes with four marbles, though the marbles would probably better maintain their momentum throughout the run if they were a bit heavier. 

Ease of Build: Excellent

The Crazy Happy Ball includes a set of pretty clear directions. A 6-year-old tester could follow without any adult guidance; a 4-year-old tester needed assistance. Two minor drawbacks: The brick colors in the directions don't always match those of the actual set; and it's sometimes tricky to gauge the correct distance between the pieces from the visuals provided.  

This set has really nice stability and the pieces interlock together snugly. On a few occasions there wasn't sufficient support for a section of the run and that section toppled when our builders attempted to attach new pieces. 

The Run


Engagement: Good

Our littlest testers enjoyed watching the marble go through the run, but it lacks the excitement of some of the other models we reviewed. There's no direction-switches or stunts, the ball just follows the path downward.

The Crazy Happy Ball only includes one set of step-by-step instructions. This set catered well to free design, though, due to the sturdiness of the set and the standard sizes of the pieces. 

The Crazy Happy Ball marbles never flew off the run during our trials, but they did occasionally lose momentum and get stuck, particularly at the turns.


Repeat Play Value: Excellent


Our littlest testers liked running the marbles through the maze after they had completed the build. They were also very willing to do repeat builds with this set given the low frustration factor and creative design possibilities. 


The Crazy Happy Ball is a solid, sturdy set. While the run may lack some of the bells and whistles of a more traditional build, it's likely to be particularly attractive to Lego-lovers who enjoy its potential for creative design. 


Crazy Happy Ball Marble Run



MSRP:  Typical retail $40

Mfr. Recommended Age:  3 Years+


Buying options:

Marble Run



MSRP:  $82.66

Mfr. Recommended Age:  4 Years+


Buying options:

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