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MSRP: $24.00

Top  Pick

Fantastic math practice and a solid strategy game. 

MSRP:  $24.99​ (typical retail $18)

Mfr. Recommended Age:  7 Years+​

Total score:  80.5 points

Fun quotient:  Good (76 points)

Math factor:  Excellent (85 points)

Types of math:

  • Add single-digit #s

  • Subtract single-digit #s

  • Add double-digit #s 

  • Subtract double-digit #s

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The Fun​

  • Engaging strategy component

  • Lots of math practice

The Frustration

  • Long turns





Create a sequence by placing five chips in a row.


The Quick & Dirty on Game Play


Each player begins with four or five equation cards, depending on the number of players. On your turn, play one equation card and place one of your chips on the space with the correct answer (i.e., if you play the 15 - 10 card, place your chip on one of the "5" spaces). Discard the equation card, take another card from the top of the pile, and play moves to the next player.


In addition to the equation cards, there are also "Plus" and "Minus" cards that can be played in place of an equation card. The "Plus" card allows the player to add a chip to any open space on the board. The "Minus" card allows the player to remove any chip from the board.  


The game works a little bit like Connect 4 (or, in this case, 5), except a player can only place a chip on a specific number when that player has the corresponding equation card. 


Enjoyment Quotient


Score: Good


The Fun


Sequence Num6ers involves a lot of math, but there's a fair amount of strategy involved that keeps it from feeling too flash card-y.  


The "Plus" and "Minus" cards add a nice twist and an element of unpredictability to gameplay.


The Frustration

Depending on the player's math ability, it can be time-consuming to calculate four or five equations each turn (and compare potential answer spaces). There's also no story element to spice up the game.


The Math Factor


Score: Excellent




Sequence Num6ers requires players to:

  • Add single- and double-digit numbers (totaling up to a maximum of 30)

  • Subtract single- and double-digit numbers



Sequence Num6ers is great math practice. Each turn, a player must consider the answers to four or five addition or subtraction problems.




Sequence Num6ers is a fun strategy game that hits a home run on math practice. Kiddos solve four or five addition / subtraction problems each turn, all while strategizing to out-maneuver their opponent. As long as your little players won't be turned off by the lack of story element, this is a great bet.


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