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Hape Magnetic All-in-1 Easel_edited.jpg

Top  Pick

All-in-1 Easel


Surfaces really show off artwork; unbeatable quality at the price; smaller than expected. 

MSRP:  $79.99​ (typical retail $65)

Mfr. Recommended Age:  3 Years+

Total score:  92 points

Assembly:  Excellent (85 points)

Artistic potential:  Excellent (93 points)

Quality:  Excellent (80 points)

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The Fun​

  • Displays chalk vibrantly

  • Good quality

  • Height adjustable

  • Small footprint

The Frustration

  • Smaller than expected



The All-in-1 is our top pick for kids easels. It's standout feature is the potential it offers for little artists, which of course is what an easel is all about. The All-in-1 surfaces show off a range of chalk and marker colors to their full effect (unlike some of the other easels we reviewed). While a bit smaller than expected, the All-in-1 offers a mid-sized work space for artistic expression. It's also a beautiful product. At this price point, you can't beat the All-in-1 for quality.   




Score: Excellent




Less than 30 minutes. 




Assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. The only hitch came when our reviewer attached the legs to the body of the easel and the easel was initially a bit wobbly. Though the four legs appear indistinguishable, swapping two of the legs solved the problem. 

Artistic Potential


Score: Excellent




The All-in-1 has all the classic easel features: chalkboard, magnetic dry erase board, and a paper holder. 


How well it works


The All-in-1 steals the show when it comes to chalk vibrancy. Among the easels we tested, it displays chalk most vibrantly and it's the easel on which it's easiest to distinguish between colors. Like our other easels, erasing with a dry eraser doesn't wipe the board fully clean, but wiping it down with a wet cloth does the trick. The dry erase side of the All-in-1 works equally well; colors, even relatively faint ones, show up on the board. Even in an overnight test in which we left the dry erase marker on the board nearly 24 hours, the board wiped clean with a dry eraser.  


The All-in-1 includes a paper dowel. The paper feeds down through a set of slats at the top and the bottom. When the paper is positioned, tighten the knobs on the slats. This process holds the paper very securely in place though it's a fairly involved process that seems like a bit of overkill.  


The All-in-1 is smaller overall than expected, but it falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to working surfaces. While the chalkboard and dry erase boards are larger than those found on some of our other top models, it doesn't offer the same expansive working spaces as others.  



Score: Average




The All-in-1 comes with:


  • Paper

  • Paint Containers




The All-in-1 is a beautiful, well-executed easel. There was a bit of wood splintering, but the easel was primarily smooth. It's height adjustable, though it doesn't extend to as tall a height as some of the larger models. 


Hape Magnetic All-in-1 Easel.jpg

All-in-1 Easel



MSRP: Typical retail $79.99

Mfr. Recommended Age: 3 Years+


Buying options:

Accessory Set

Melissa & Doug


MSRP: $34.99

Mfr. Recommended Age:  3 - 8 Years


Buying options:​

M&D Easel Paper Pad.jpg

Easel Paper Pad

Melissa & Doug

MSRP: $6.99

Mfr. Recommended Age:  2 Years+


Buying options:​

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