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Red Jellies Request

New baby gift for a colleague. Would like to spend around $50.

  • Start with the child's faves, like the Stargazer Lottie (makeup free!) doll 


  • Day at the Beach magnetic set includes dolls to spark child's interest in building


  • Three Little Piggies draws on child's love of stories for a great first game

Let's Make Magic

Beloved Interactive Books


Why We Love It

High contrast stimulates infants. I-spy and dause-and-effect books engage older babies and toddlers. Also includes Where Is Baby's Belly Button? and I Kissed the Baby!

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Personalized Name Puzzle


Why We Love It

Makes for a very personal gift. Adorable decor for infant's room. As little one grows, puzzle boosts fine motor skills and letter recognition. Pieces are a good size for little hands.

Little Animal Lover Baby Book


Why We Love It 

A beautiful, modern baby book. A simple way for busy parents to record milestones and baby's favorites (and preserve those precious monthly photos!).

Classic Swaddles


Why We Love It

Cute designs, perfect size, and the gentle, soft, and breathable muslin fabric that Aden + Anais is known for.

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Modern Classics


Why We Love It

Perfect for baby with older sib. These delightful books are modern classics that likely aren't yet in the family library. Charming way to include older child in the new baby gift.

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Which did he choose?


Book lover alert!

Let's wrap this up (beautifully).

$6.99 at The Container Store
$4.99 at The Container Store
$6.99 at The Container Store
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