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Double Shutter

Blue Orange Games

Great addition practice, players generate equations, solitary play option.   

MSRP:  $19.99​ (typical retail $16)

Mfr. Recommended Age:  8 Years+​

Total score:  71.5points

Fun quotient:  Good (68 points)

Math factor:  Good (75 points)

Types of math: Add single-digit #s​

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The Fun​

  • Strategy element

  • Solo play option

  • Addition practice

The Frustration

  • Slight smell upon opening

  • Lengthy turns





Close as many tiles as possible before your turn ends. 


The Quick & Dirty on Game Play


Roll the dice and close a combination of tiles that reflects the number rolled (for example, if you rolled a 5, you could close the 5; the 4 and the 1; or the 3 and the 2). 


There are three variations to the game (including a solitaire version). Depending on the version played, player 1 may roll again and continue play until no combination of remaining tiles reflects the roll of the dice; or players 1 and 2 may alternate play until one player has no more available moves. 


Enjoyment Quotient


Score: Good


The Fun


Our testers found Double Shutter to be harder than expected (in a good way), and even a bit addicting. While there is a luck component to the game, there's enough strategy involved to keep it interesting for kids and adults alike.  


Bonus that this game includes a solitaire variation for solo play. Even better that the game is compact and can be played in the car. 


The game comes in a tin case and has something of an old-school casino feel. The tiles and dice were of a nice quality, but the game had a slight smell to it when opened. 


The Frustration


Double Shutter is fun, but it's a bit of a one-trick pony. Every turn is the same: roll the dice and find a combination of tiles to close that reflect the number rolled. There are no twists and turns to the game to spice it up.


In the first variation of the game, each turn can take quite a bit of time, which can be tough to swallow for the littlest players. 


The Math Factor


Score: Good



Double Shutter requires players to:

  • Add single-digit numbers (totaling up to 12)





Every turn, Double Shutter requires the players to total the numbers on the dice (up to 12) and then identify combinations of tiles that reflect that figure. It's a process that often involves considering several potential equations to find the most advantageous combination of tiles to close.




We love that Double Shutter works as a travel game and has a solitaire variation. Though it's purely an addition game, it's a bit addictive and challenges players to generate equations themselves.


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