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Super Six!


Early elementary school days may bring new friends and new schedules, but through all the change, the power of play endures. 

We've put together a selection of toys and games to engage your little one's mind and heart.


Here's to childhood!

Go Go


Blue Orange

Why We Love It

Little shop owners must plan ahead to match their customers' gelato orders by passing scoops between cones. Great beginning logic game with sweet components.

Sleeping Queens


Why We Love It 

Delightful card game with comical characters (Pancake Queen, anyone?). Builds basic strategy and has an excellent math component. One of the most engaging games on the market. 

Space Explorers Puzzle

Crocodile Creek

Why We Love It 

Space fans will love the whimsical artwork. This 72-piece puzzle is sturdy with nice-sized pieces.

Dinosaurs - Mystic Islands

Smart Games

Why We Love It

Separate the herbivores and carnivores in this shape-matching puzzle. Builds problem solving and spatial reasoning. 80 challenges give it a good shelf life.

Confetti Jump Rope

Just Jump It

Why We Love It 

Let's get jumping! this high quality rope an an excellent weight and length. Comes in a variety of colors. Order two to introduce double dutch!



Lego Friends

Why We Love It 

Awesome combination of building and pretend play. Fantastically detailed components, including a fruit display, bakery counter, and newspaper stand.

Ghost Hunters

Smart Game

Why We Love It 

Boo! Position the flashlights correctly to shine a light on the ghosts hiding in the haunted mansion. Builds problem solving and spatial reasoning. Includes 60 challenges.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Steve Jackson Games

Why We Love It 

Sneaky math alert! Players add up points as they fight monsters to collect treasure. Bonus for comical cards (monsters get extra points for being stinky or grouchy).

Phoenix Rollerblades


Why We Love It 

High quality inline skates for youth rollerbladers. Adjustable length allows skate to grow with your little one's feet.

Great Vehicles Ferry

Lego City

Why We Love It 

Cool captain's deck and gate that opens and closes to let cars onto the ferry. Great combination of building and pretend play. Note: Ferry doesn't actually float.

Fort Building & Construction Kit

Fort Magic

Why We Love It 

Little adventurers build the forts they've always imagined with this high quality kit. Excellent for planning and motor skills. Note: Fabric not included. Use blankets or sheets.

Peacock Embroidery Kit


Why We Love It 

Practice basic sewing with this all-in-1 embroidery kit. Builds dexterity, focus, and color pattern recognition.

Grand Hotel Building Set


Why We Love It 

Design and build your own hotel complete with working elevator. Encourages creativity and open-ended pretend play. Includes a number of design challenges.

Pharaoh's Pyramid


Why We Love It 

Tap into history and get littles in on the building. Explore five different chambers but watch out for the booby trap! Excellent for open-ended pretend play. 

Sticky Mosaics Jungle Adventure

The Orb Factory

Why We Love It 

Follow the legend to create four different sparkly projects. Nice quality paper stock. Builds dexterity.

Restaurant Kitchen Puzzle


Why We Love It 

Excellent quality 208-piece puzzle features a fun, detailed scene that doubles as a hidden picture game. Put the pieces together then find the 51 hidden objects (anyone seen the lobster?!).  

Portable Goal Set


Why We Love It 

Let's play! These 6-foot, portable goals allow for easy setup and tear down. Goals twist closed for easy storage. Includes plastic peg stakes. Also comes in 4-foot size.


Baseball America Poster & Puzzle

Crocodile Creek

Why We Love It 

Delight little baseball fans with this well-made poster and 200-piece puzzle set that highlights National and American League teams. A sure home run!

IQ Puzzler Pro

Smart Games

Why We Love It 

Compact, portable, single-player brain teaser that boosts logic and spatial reasoning. 2D and 3D puzzles. 120 challenges.

Eco Crafts Scrapbook

Alex Toys

Why We Love It 

This fun and colorful first scrapbook kit comes loaded with stickers, buttons, and other decorative items. A great find for littles who like crafts. Just add pictures!

Looking for More Inspiration?

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Special occasion coming up?

We'll hand-pick a selection of gifts for your one-of-a-kind kiddo.  That way you can focus on the fun.

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