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You want the best for your kids. We want the best for you.

Your life is full and time is precious. Red Jellies want to help you focus on what's important. Not your to-do list.


We're starting with children's products. We all want high quality, engaging books and toys for our kiddos. But who has time to spend doing the research?


That's where Red Jellies comes in.  We provide truly independent, easily accessible advice on knockout children’s items based on our rigorous product research and exhaustive investigation into the psychology of play.


That means you have more time for career building, puppet show orchestrating, and date night enjoying. Or TV binge-watching. Hey, we don't judge. 


Life isn't about tasks.


Live like you mean it.


What is Red Jellies?

Red Jellies is a fully independent review and recommendation service that helps you discover high quality, engaging children’s products without the hassle.

How does Red Jellies select products?

For every product we feature, there are dozens that don't make the cut.


We ransack toy conventions, comb the depths of the Internet, meet with manufacturers, and consult independent toy experts in search of top-notch products. We analyze reviews and engage with kids and caregivers to test durability, compare costs, and determine whether a particular item is Red Jellies material.


If we wouldn't buy it for our kids, we won't recommend it to you.


How do I request a custom selection?

Whether you need a birthday gift for the tiny dinosaur enthusiast next door or a broad selection of gifts for your own little one's birthday, we’ll send you carefully researched choices for every interest, age, and budget. You'll thank yourself later.


What’s a Red Jelly?  Are you really into breakfast spreads or something?

We love the name Red Jellies because those gorgeous plastic shoes remind us of sunny days, sandy toes, and cherry popsicles. The stuff we remember. The stuff we actually want to spend our time on. 

How can I support the Red Jellies' mission?

If you're considering buying something featured on Red Jellies, click the retailer link we provide and we'll receive a commission on the sale (no extra charge to you). That helps us focus on the products, so you can focus on the fun.

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